Meeks and Ceely, P.L. is owned and operated by Attorney Coren J. Meeks.  The firm was founded by Attorney Mary Ellen Ceely who worked to establish a personalized approach to Elder Law.  Attorney Coren J. Meeks was privileged to work with and learn from Ms. Ceely and the firm is committed to maintaining the values and quality legal services she established.  The firm strives to provide a variety of advanced legal services to residents of Volusia County and beyond. With a complex knowledge of the latest in Florida law, Meeks and Ceely, P.L. is committed to personalized service and client satisfaction on all levels.  

Acquainted with all matters related to Elder Law, Attorney Meeks is your ideal legal counsel in the state of Florida. The expertise of Meeks and Ceely, P.L. goes far beyond Elder Law, and the personal approach taken with clients elevates the firm.

Expertise, experience, and a more intimate approach to litigation makes Meeks and Ceely, P.L. the ideal choice in Elder law matters.


Probate & Guardianship

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The probate process and guardianship related decisions can be difficult for anyone.  With the help and guidance of an experienced attorney on your side, you will be confident you're making the best decisions through this challenging period.

Medicaid Planning

Attorney Meeks provides legal consultation as an elder care attorney for those that are dealing with acquiring Medicaid coverage for nursing facilities.

Estate Planning

A well prepared estate plan provides you with peace of mind that the assets you have worked hard to attain will be protected and distributed as you wish.



I appreciated everyone being so accessible and explaining things patiently. A stressful process overall, but I couldn't have done it without the Meeks and Ceely team!


Firm Services

  • Elder Law in Florida

  • Estate Planning

  • Probate

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  • Medicaid Planning

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