Florida Elder Law Attorney Services

Seniors and their loved ones need the legal expertise of a trained Elder Law attorney, proficient in all aspects of Florida Elder Law regulations and requirements. Meeks and Ceely, P.L. is here to help. As a professional with an array of experience in Florida Elder Law practices and procedures, Attorney Meeks is standing by to answer your questions and help efficiently guide you along the way.

Medicaid Expertise

The Medicaid process can be a tiring one. With an extensive array of proficiency in Medicaid planning and asset protection, the professionals at Meeks and Ceely, P.L. will provide you with answers to your Medicaid questions, as well as work through all of your Medicaid filing needs to get you the best coverage. Nursing home costs can quickly eat away at one’s life-savings. Medicaid planning and the legal consultation of a professional is essential when it comes to safeguarding your family’s assets. 

Power of Attorney

Meeks and Ceely, P.L. can assist in the Power of Attorney process for those that must appoint their legal judgment to a more able party. Power of attorney is an important legal document that allows a trusted person (an agent) to take care of legal and financial matters on another’s behalf (the principle).

ICP Medicaid Applications

A Medicaid Institutional Care Program application is the gateway to getting coverage for treatment in a nursing facility. There are many facets involved in deciphering proper filing for Institutional Care Programs under Medicaid, including spousal involvement, transfers of income and assets to be eligible, as well as many other factors.

Personal Service Contracts

Personal Service Contracts serve as a planning tool to preserve a client’s assets through an exchange for personal care services at nursing homes or through in home care. A reliable and knowledgeable attorney can effectively draft a contract that will provide optimal results regarding asset retention and care costs.