Meeks and Ceely, P.L.: Leaders in Medicaid Planning & Expertise

The professionals at Meeks Law Firm excel at providing extensive Florida Elder Law expertise to both nursing home administrators and clients dealing with senior related concerns (including securing long-term care for a family member or loved one). Overall, Meeks and Ceely, P.L. is a source of legal and practical expertise for both assisted living facility administrators and elder individuals or their families.

After gaining a great deal of experience in the field of Medicaid planning for long-term assisted care, Attorney Meeks found a passion for elder law: “After working with a client, I could literally see the grief and worry melt away as the financial weight of long-term care was lifted off of their shoulders.” Attorney Meeks provides legal consultation as an elder care attorney for those that are dealing with acquiring Medicaid coverage for nursing facilities.

Through asset planning and institutional care program research, Meeks and Ceely, P.L. is able to find coverage and quality care for clients’ elderly loved ones, all while preserving their allotted inheritance. If the assets of a loved one or family member are in danger of being drained due to the costs of long-term assisted living care, consultation services regarding Medicaid coverage can help protect these resources.

If you are a nursing home administrator seeking to simplify the procedure of new resident admittance, Attorney Meeks and the professionals of Meeks and Ceely, P.L. can aid in this process. Meeks and Ceely, P.L. works closely with families and nursing home staff to appease all parties and get the job done right the first time. To request a consultation, call 386-734-0199.